About Us!

Sistas’ Pop gourmet butter toffee popcorn was developed in 2016 as a home-based business venture by two sisters. One who has a heart- SWEET as toffee and the other- a popcorn connoisseur (addict). The sistas set out to make a profound statement regarding their brand. We wanted to expose popcorn lovers to a taste that would be tattooed on their hearts. Our goal is to deliver a product that is great and amazing to the gurus of popcorn lovers. We selected to use the mushroom popcorn because it has a large round pop and does extremely well for coating the popcorn. All the popcorn is cooked with coconut oil and we wanted a butter toffee that would melt on the taste palates; therefore, we use 100% butter. And to make a statement, we decided to add real freeze-dried fruit to our Seasonal flavors. Now, that is poppin’!

Sistas’ Pop is in St Louis, Missouri but you don’t have to live in Missouri to enjoy our gourmet flavors. We ship all over the United States. You can also find us at Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, The Annex, City Green Market and Good Life Growing.